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is a director + creative duo

co-founded by siblings Salvador + Aldo CHACÓN

Current + past clients include adidas, bbc, disney, red bull, spotify + more.

live action + stills + creative direction


project: Nike's World

The idea for the still life series was to tell stories through materials and objects. Why Nike? "I've always been a big Nike fan because of the graphic aspect of their clothes and the way they mix fashion, streetwear, and sports. I had an original idea of showcasing different moments in history through sneakers, like the Moon landing or the fall of the Berlin Wall, so I went back to that idea and mixed it with the 'funky' sets vision I had. I started researching the Nike website for different sneakers, and every shoe spoke to me in different ways.

Aldo started imagining those moments in history and thinking what sneakers would people be involved in those events wear. Some styles seemed more retro, some more modern or futuristic, some spoke to me more in a material or texture way, some in colour palette and some more on an ideology.

"It was hard to choose because there are hundreds of styles. I could have made 100 more sets! I decided to go with Nike shoes because of the iconography. I wanted to use an icon that everyone knows and that has been used in pop culture to bring attention to the different subjects and make it more of an homage to the swoosh. I love how the swoosh looks in different types of shoes and how there are many different styles and colours, but they are all united by that simple icon."



Set Design





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